What To Know On Lipstick Textures

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Nowadays, we're constantly faced with so many different options to choose from, it may become overwhelming. Specifically in the world of beauty, cosmetic brands create, day to day, different products with an unimaginable array of color palettes and formulas. Today, I'm sharing some useful tips on the different textures and finishes that lip color can create, so that the next time you find yourself in front of dozens of options to choose from, you'll know exactly which lipstick you're looking for...
MATTE. A matte texture appears the flattest from the rest, as it gives no shine to the lips. The bright side? It's the one that stays the longest on the skin. However, the ingredients in it might dry lips, so make sure to apply lip balm first.
SATIN. Satin formulas are the most common. They are a combination of a matte texture and some oily ingredients that give the lips a brighter, shinier look. It lasts less than matte but for me, it's the most recommended for daily wear. 
SHIMMER. Shimmer textures are formulated to give a glimmering effect to the lips. It has the shimmering ingredient of the lip gloss, without the sticky sensation. It doesn't last much, but gives an amazing, eclectic vibe to the overall makeup.
BUTTER. Butter textures are different from satin or shimmer. This is a great alternative to add glossy shine to the lips, while moisturizing them, as it has great hydrating benefits. They are recommended when traveling, as they will keep lips nourished. However, color won't last too long either. 

Now that you know the different textures of lipstick, hopefully it'll be easier for you to know which one to get next time. Have a great day!

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