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summer skirts

For me, summer not only represents higher temperatures, trips to the beach, and classic sunburns, but it also means different styling ideas I've been dying to try since last fall. And there's one specific summer staple that embodies the season's fashion: skirts. Summer skirts are, besides super comfortable and light - being climatically appropriate - incredibly easy to combine for either a formal or casual look, which is one quality I look for in season staples. 

When shopping for this season key piece, I like to go through all different styles until I find one that matches all my requests, and this is where Zaful came in. Zaful is an online shopping spot for fashion lovers with a modern and chic style. Their collection of Summer Skirts satisfies every style and fashion concept, and I've found myself some pretty good options for my season wardrobe. 

Today I'm sharing a day and night look with two of my personal favorite summer skirts that I found to be both super trendy, versatile, and most of all, summer-approved.

Pleated Skirt. For me, this pleated skirt has the perfect cut, length and color. I love a light-toned midi skirt that can be combined with any other color and texture, and be worn with either flats for a lunch date or with heels for a night out.

Look 1 - Day
skirt $17.59 - top $15.71 - shoes $21.59 - bag $31.05

Look 1 - Night
skirt $17.59 - top $13.16 - sandals $33.25 - bag $17.82 - necklace $7.33

Floral Skirt. Summer isn't complete without the perfect floral skirt. This print can either be dressed up or down, and looks great with the right combination of neutrals. I loved this skirt the moment I saw it, and thought of millions ways to complement the summer essential. Whether going to a brunch with friends or to an office cocktail party, this is my piece of choice.

Look 2 - Day
skirt $17.35 - blouse $17.53 - sandals $51.92 - bag $26.34

   Look 2 - Night
skirt $17.35 - top $13.10 - pumps $39.57 - bag $29.71 - earrings $3.12

In Zaful, I found not only the summer skirts as key elements of each outfit, but also the pieces to complement the looks, and I have to say it wasn’t easy to choose from all the amazing options they have to offer. So, if you like these ideas I’ve come up with, make sure to visit their site for even more chic inspiration.

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