Necklace & Earrings Review -

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Necklace & Earrings Reviews -
Last week, I posted some rules to follow for wearing jewelry the right way, and taking into account that accessorizing is crucial when getting ready, I wanted to share my latest discovery and favorite place for buying jewelry. Wigsbuy is an online store for all things hair-related and accessories. They're not only right on trend, but also incredibly affordable, offering amazing sales all year long, which is why I wanted to display my must-haves from the site and show some inspiration for all jewelry-obsessed.

Their wide selection of necklaces satisfies every taste and style. From gold, chunky and charm necklaces to delicate silver chains, they have it all in multiple lengths and colors. It wasn't easy picking three favorites, but somehow I chose these:

Geometric-Shaped Rhinestone Pendant Necklace - $9.79
Multi-layer Rivets Decorated Jewelry Set - $14.39
Euramerican Elegant Luxurious Necklace - $9.79

On the other hand, their selection of earrings is as varied and budget-friendly as the rest of the products on their store. From cool top ear studs to clip on earrings, they have impressive and original pieces to choose from, and you'll find more than a few that satisfies your taste, guaranteed.

Floral Shaped Sequins Pierced Earrings - $6.79
Classical Irregular Pattern Earrings - $4.99
Animal Shaped Rhinestone Decorated Earrings - $9.79

If you like a good piece of jewelry, make sure to visit their site and be prepared for well-spent time browsing through their collections.

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All images from Wigsbuy.

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