5 Beauty Habits To Break

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5 Beauty Habits To Break

We all have good and bad habits that define our lifestyle and day routine. As simple as drinking coffee, constantly touching our hair, or taking a hot bath before bed, habits constitute part of our daily regime that may bring very positive or very negative effects. When it comes to beauty, bad habits can damage the way we look, and considering how hard we try to look our best, these habits should be banned. Not only are they affecting our natural beauty, but health and self-confidence are also on the line. Today I'm sharing 5 bad beauty habits that might be making a huge difference on how we look.

1. Hair habit: Straightening or curling your hair is probably the number one beauty habit. However, it becomes a bad one when you do it every single day. Try to limit the heat to once or twice a week, and leave your hair au naturel the rest of the days. Your hair won't lose its shine and strength as easily when reducing the consistency of heat damage.

2. Face habit: It's perfectly normal to start touching and bursting spots and pimples whenever we get one. However, doing so will only spread the acne and cause scarring. The healthiest solution is to leave it alone until it fully disappears, or hide it applying an acne treatment and concealer.

3. Makeup habit: Not cleaning your makeup brushes every week or two is not only unhealthy, but an unhygienic habit as well. There are a lot of bacteria on makeup pigments that touch our face every day, resulting on blemishes, spots and even wrinkles! Wash the bristles with shampoo and leave them to completely dry before using again.

4. Nails habit: Whether it's because you're nervous, shy or stressed, biting your nails is a horrible habit. Not only does it damage your cuticles, but it can also cause a dental infection, and honestly, fingernails look terrible. If you have the habit, use a bitter-tasting polish to keep your mouth away from the nails.

5. Skin habit: From all the previous bad habits, this is the one with the worst consequences. Going out unprotected from the sun can cause melanoma, besides dark spots and wrinkles, of course. Sun rays are super dangerous and, unfortunately, we carry the heavy damage. So break the habit of going out unprotected, and use a sunscreen every single day before applying your makeup, or opt for a moisturizer with SPF 30+, which works wonders as well.

Do you have any other bad beauty habit to break?

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