Top Summer Accessories for your Next Holiday

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I don’t know about you, but I’m completely ready for this horrible weather to end, and for the warmth of summer to come around. In particular, I’m looking forward to my next holiday, and I’ve already turned my attention to the kinds of accessories I’ll be taking with me. Today’s post isn’t just about staying fashionable, but about practicality too! Here’s my list of top summer accessories that are stylish as well as savvy.

1. Foldaway flats
These are not just a must-buy for holidays, but for every occasion where you’re unsure of your footwear. Whether you’re on a night out, day-tripping in the countryside or sightseeing in a foreign country, foldaway flats should be the go-to accessory you reach for when leaving the house or hotel room. You can get them in every colour, and for every budget, so there’s no excuse for not bagging yourself a pair or two.

2. Charm bracelets
I love my bohemian style charm bracelet. Layering jewellery and clothing is a huge trend at the moment, and it’s a great way of dressing up a simple daytime outfit for a night out, meaning you don’t need to pack as much. For some travel-inspired pieces, ChloBo, who make beautiful handmade jewellery, are the top quality brand for you, with plenty of chic styles, funky charms and stunning gemstones for every personality.

3. The bandana
Bandanas have been seen all over Instagram lately, and with thousands of funky patterns and designs on the market, they make a great addition to your accessories wardrobe during the holiday season. This simple strip of fabric, apart from acting as a stylish headband, has so many uses; it keeps the sun off your scalp, the hair out of your eyes, can easily be washed clean of seawater and sun-cream, and can be shortened so that you can quickly change from beach babe to chic summer girl in just a few seconds.

4. Wraps, shawls, and ponchos
Although it’s undoubtedly going to be much warmer wherever you’re headed this summer, you’ll still need something to wrap up with. Whether it’s to keep the extreme heat off your shoulders during the day, a stylish evening wear accessory or to keep the chill off you once the sun has gone down, purchasing wraps, shawls and even ponchos depending on the weather, will always be a useful accessory to have in your luggage.

5. Gladiator sandals
This style of footwear doesn’t ever seem to fade in popularity. Denim shorts, skater skirts, maxi dresses or stylish LBDs – there’s a pair of gladiator sandals to suit every summer outfit and occasion. If you’re touring the local town, go for a flat heel with a design that comes all the way to the knee. If you’re stepping out, add a killer heel, but go for an ankle boot-length with black, cut-out patterns on the leather.

I hope this post has given you some fashion inspiration for the next few months. What are your essential summer accessories?

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