What Haircut Should You Get?

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What Haircut Should You Get Next?

I don't know about you, but every now and then I get the urge to completely change my look, and a haircut it's always the safest bet. However, I spend so much time figuring out what haircut will suit me and won't make me regret the decision, that most times I just let the idea go. The reason why I haven't let it go yet is only because this year's hair trends are too good to ignore. That's why I'm sharing this quiz, to help both you and me go for the best option next time we head the salon. 

1. Your face shape is:
a) Heart
b) Oval
c) Round
d) Square

2. Your hair routine is:
a) Simple but put together. Flat or curling iron, 10 minutes top
b) Perfectly calculated. I always blow dry
c) Always changing, I have a different 'do every day
d) Natural. Wash and air dry, no heating tools

3. You wash your hair:
a) Daily
b) Every other day
c) Once a week
d) Two or three times a week

4. You can't live without:
a) Flat/curling iron
b) Hairspray
c) Dry shampoo
d) Salt spray for natural waves

5. Your overall style is:
a) Feminine
b) Edgy
c) Classic
d) Boho

Let's see the results! If you got...

Mostly A's. LONG BOB.



Mostly D's. LONG LAYERS.

Are you giving your results a try? :)

Image by Lauren Conrad. 

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5 responses

  1. I got the LOB and I swear I've been thinking about getting it! These results are legit amazing blogg

  2. bardot fringe? never even thought of it but seems like a nice change!