How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

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Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

There are so many hair color trends I'm loving right now, balayage on top of the list, but I haven't made the change yet because like it happens with most hair makeovers, this one requires real maintenance, and I might be too lazy for that right now. But thinking of those of you who have commited to the change, today I'm sharing three expert recommendations on how to take care of your dyed strands to make it last for as long as possible looking healthy.

When you color your hair, it's important to use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner so that the color doesn't fade. You can ask your hairstylist or any professional to recommend the best product according to your hair type and color. Also, stay away from clarifying shampoos and conditioners that will strip the color from your hair a lot faster. 

Also, make sure you rinse with cold water. Unfortunately for all of us, washing your hair with hot water can damage it considerably, even if it's not colored. And when it is, the color fades a lot faster, so try to wash it with cold water instead.

Last, but not least, protect your hair from heat. As hard as it sounds, try to limit the usage of hot tools, since heat in direct contact with your hair makes the color fade more quickly. Also, sun rays strip the color when there's direct exposure, so before going out, apply a hair serum with SPF. This will keep your hair more hydrated and shinier.

These are my tips for maintaining dyed hair healthy. Any other tip you could recommend?

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