Spring must-have dresses

10:43:00 AM

Hello girls, how are things out there?


In today's post I decided to bring a wish list for you, I met the store ZAFUL and I am delighted with the clothes and accessories that I found there, there are so many options that I swear that I was in love with many things and my desire is to leave from there with a full bag, click here to check the dresses, blouses, pants and other accessories you can find there, for those who also love home decor accessories, you can also find several options there, seriously, you guys will love the store.

These dresses in the peasant style are super high in Pinterest, besides being super feminine and delicate pieces, they are super charming. Beautiful, right?
As well as this one, for those who like to dosage in the prints this is ideal, and the detail from shoulder to shoulder makes the piece much more delicate and feminine, I loved it!

These two are great examples of cheery pieces and chics, are great pieces for a Sunday lunch in the summer with the family, super fresh and stylish, that make us comfortable and at the same time well dressed, the way we like, right? 

I'll wait for you at the store, and hope you enjoy the tip.

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