Tips For A Healthy Summer

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tips healthy summer

Summer is one week away, and, by know, we should be more than ready for whatever the season brings along. Apart from the season attires, there are a lot more elements to take into account. For instance, knowing how to be properly protected from the sun is a must. Remember we can benefit from sunlight, but also be harmed by it. Like this, there a some things we should know before exposing ourselves. Below, I gathered some useful advice to get the best out of our summer days, most of which you probably knew, but it's always good to remind.

- Choose the sea. The sea is full of minerals that are great for refreshing the body and helping with any irritated skin. You'll get a lot more benefits swimming in the beach than in a chlorinated pool. Besides, who doesn't want to get those trendy beach waves that the salt of the ocean creates?

- Natural exfoliants. Did you know beach sand is one of the greatest exfoliators? It leaves the skin super soft and smooth. Also, you can take a bottle of sand to your house or hotel and exfoliate while in the shower, you'll never run out of it anyway. This old trick really gets its job done.

- Get natural highlights. Sunlight lightens your hair naturally and in the healthiest way. Regardless their hair color, people tend to get lighter locks when spending days in the sun. If you want to accelerate the process, add a spritz of vodka, which has a key ingredient that lightens hair strands as well.

- The sun: It can be your real frenemy. While we can get great benefits from it, like a good dose of vitamin D, we can also get terrible sunburn. It's important to wear your SPF (reapply after a few hours), sunglasses and hat. We'll look trendy while being sun-protected!

Have a great and safe summer!

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