Skincare: Bacterial Breakouts

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By now, it's pretty obvious how essential our dieting, exercising and skincare routine are for a beautiful, glowing looking skin. But there are many other factors that have some kind of impact and that we might sometimes ignore. Everything around us is filled with bacteria and germs, and bringing them anywhere near our face can cause minor or major breakouts, depending on our skin type, any of which we would gladly avoid. A proper hygiene and sanitation, not only on our hands and face, but on everything we touch, can make a huge difference. So, for your skin's sake, these are things you can do...

- Hands off. You cannot imagine all of the million things we touch every day that have been touched by millions of others. Our hands are, by far, the ones that are in constant contact with all kinds of bacteria the most. So, do you really want to put your hands near your face after knowing this? Think not.

- Phone and lenses hygiene. Most and worst bacteria build up on our phones since they go with us everywhere. Whether you're just texting or calling, germs will eventually get to your face and cause zits and blemishes. Glasses, as well, carry unwanted bacteria that clog pores and cause breakouts around the nose. Minimize the damage by cleaning once a week the keyboard and screen of your cellphone, and the lenses of your glasses with an antibacterial cloth wipe.

- Makeup blenders. Cleaning your makeup brushes is essential. All the makeup pigments that brushes hold contribute to the origin of more bacteria, and since these tools go directly to our faces, there's no germ-escaping. To avoid this, clean all of your brushes once or twice a week with your regular shampoo, or try these techniques.

- Bedtime sanitation. If our faces spend 7-8 hours over the same pillow cases during our bedtime, how can it not get contaminated? So many things happen during our sleeping routine, which explains why we sometimes wake up to a horrible (zit!) surprise. Prevent this from happening by changing your bed linens every 1-2 weeks. 

Like these, there are many other things you can do to avoid bacteria on your face. Remember it's not about becoming paranoid or bacteriophobic, but just aware of what goes into your skin that can ruin its glowing look.

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