Fall Workout Plan

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For me, fall is the best season to work out and stay fit and I have an hypothesis to rely on... First of all, people usually have the full motivation after working their beach body during summertime, and second, holidays are just around the corner, and they always mean extra pounds. These two reasons make of fall the perfect time to burn as many calories as possible, giving some respect to all the sacrifice and work given to the very missed beach days, and so that we can enjoy Turkey Day and Christmas guilt-free and wearing something different than the winter "sweatpants outfit". Today I'm sharing some fitness tips on how to make the best out of these months of autumn...

- Fall weather. Fall comes with a delight for all senses. The crispy air, the smell of pumpkin carving, the fall foliage... What better scenery for outdoors workout? Biking, walking or hiking are just perfect for this time of the year.

- Healthy smart. These are obvious and simple tips, but very useful and rewarding. Park your car far from the destination, use stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk during lunch break, make a 'fitness playlist' with all of your favorite songs to increase motivation and plan in advance healthy meals for the next few days.

- Fall TV. A new season of our favorite tv shows premieres during fall. So, since skipping a tv session is not an option, take advantage of it by exercising during commercial breaks. Do some lunges, push-ups or run in one place, and by the end of the show you will have worked out for 20 minutes. 

- 21-Day rule. It takes three full weeks for the body to adapt to any new behavior. So try to maintain your workout routine for 21 days, and everything will be much easier after that. Your body will be trained to wake up more energized and stay more active during the day.

- The 3 C's. Since anything worth having requires hard work, strive with what experts call the 3 C's: commitment, convenience and consistency. Commitment is the fuel that takes us to our goal, so commit and don't quit. Convenience is all about being practical and taking advantage of your free time, your space and your likes. Last, but very not least, consistency. Plan a schedule and save some time every day only for exercising. 

I hope these tips are motivating and useful enough to make of this fall your working-out season.

Happy active fall!

Source: WebMD. Image: Just Love.

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