Fall Makeup Trends

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Regardless the season, makeup is always an essential accessory, and as any other fashion piece, it follows trends. For this year, fall has revolutionized the rich, deep colors palette, but maintaining a fresh, natural look that fits perfectly the autumn essence. Runways and fashion houses during Fall Fashion Week have properly executed the ideal makeup look with trends that are all a must try. That said, here are 5 of my favorite makeup trends to try for this remaining weeks of fall.

1. Au naturel. When in doubt opt for natural makeup. This is my personal favorite. Adding a coat of base, loose powder, light blush and a lighter eyeliner is the easiest way for looking fresh and effortlessly beautiful, plus being especially practical for autumn's unpredictable weather.

2. Oxblood lips. It's not so hard to notice that oxblood is the color of the season. Fashion designers have made a special spot for the use of the wine stain color, but some of them have taken it to another new level. Models for Givenchy and Gucci have been wearing oxblood lips, and have definitely made an impression, obviously a good one. Pairing it with neutral eyes and a light blush creates the perfect balanced look for this season.

3. Bold brows. Another must try is the bold brow. Skip over-tweezing during the season for a cleaner look. Personally, I've always loved the trend, and this season Diane von Fürstenberg and Oscar de la Renta do too. It may be tricky to find the right balance between bold brows and face symmetry, but learning how to highlight your best face features and still being able to carry out the trend is a great achievement... I loved Demi Lovato's result.

4. Brown smoky. Smoky eyes are automatically related to black shadows, but this fall it's going earthier. Brown and beige shadows are the key shades for this season's look. It has become popular because of its versatility, since it can be paired with intense lips and bright cheeks or bare, nude makeup, and still maintain its beauty. Plus, it goes perfectly with all skin complexions.

5. Flushed cheeks. Being another trend to wear all year long, but especially during this autumn months, flushed cheeks look natural yet colorful. The important thing to keep in mind with this trend is that you should keep the rest of your makeup to a minimal, and respect the fine line between flushed and clownish. Other than that, it's the perfect trend for day or night.

Will you be trying any of these makeup trends during the next few weeks of autumn?

Images from Pinterest, Fashion Gone RogueHollywood LifeDust Jacket, Eleven 49.

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  1. Great ideas! I will definitely follow these tips for i find them really perfect make up for fall. Thanks for sharing!