Hair Care: Common Problems

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Frankly, a bad hair day can ruin my entire mood and mess up my day, while, obviously, a good hair day boosts my confidence and makes me genuinely happy. Not to sound too shallow, but it's amazing how something as simple as your hair can change the whole picture. It's no secret that we have to deal with so many different hair problems constantly... some of which can be quickly fixed while some others need the help of an expert. But all in all, there's no problem that comes without a solution, and today I'm sharing some of the most common hair problems with their simplest, healthiest fixes. 

1. Oily Hair: One of the most common problems is oily hair, but you don't have to spend a fortune to get rid of it. Expensive shampoos that claim to banish oily hair will only weigh it down, causing it to be dull and lifeless. The best option for oily hair is baby shampoo, since it does not contain wax, so it won't weigh it down or make it greasier in any way.

2. Frizz: Another enemy and very common complaint is frizz. This is caused by the dropping of moisture levels in the hair. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of products to fight flyaways, but for smoother hair and no frizz, the best option is a keratin-based product, since keratin seals the hair cuticles, maintaining moisture and making hair look sleek and shiny.

3. Heat Damage: Probably most of us, if not all, can plead guilty on this. Excessive blow-drying, curling, straightening and dying hair cause major damage to hair, leaving it broken, brittle, and unmanageable, not to mention dry and with split ends. To prevent the damage try limiting the hot tools use, washing your hair every 2-3 days, brushing gently with a flexible brush, and avoiding towel-drying. 

4. Hair Loss: An average person loses about 100 hairs daily. However, excessive hair loss can have different causes such as diseases, use of medications or drugs, and stress. Keep in mind that wearing too tight ponytails and excessive bleaching or dying could also lead to losing more hair. If the case is the use of medications or a more serious disorder, seek professional help. If that's not the case, brush gently, try looser hairstyles and find ways to de-stress and relax. 

5. Split Ends: Unfortunately, this is an inevitable problem. Split ends occur when the hair is dry and brittle, and splits at the end. Too much brushing or styling and excessive heat damage can all trigger the problem. Deep conditioning, applying a serum and heat protectant, and limiting the over-combing can all prevent the splitting, but since this is an inevitable process, trimming the ends every 3 months is the best solution.

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