Secrets to long, healthy hair

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When it comes to growing out hair, the key is patience. Whether you're lucky that your hair grows at an incredibly fast pace or not, there's no much you can do to accelerate the process... or can you? There are some simple things that when done regularly can actually help your hair grow faster than usual, and most importantly, in the healthiest way possible. 

1. Trimming half an inch every other month is the best way to maintain healthy ends and avoiding split ends, and since hair usually grows faster than half an inch monthly, you won't be losing actual length. Letting ends split before trimming means you'll have to trim a lot more later on.

2. Talking about split ends, a simple way to prevent them is sleeping in satin pillowcases, since they create less friction and your hair would be less likely to tangle or break. 

3. Avoid super tight hairstyles such as top knots or ponytails. It might look elegant and clean, but it's just not ideal if you'd like your hair to be longer, since such hairstyles will only break hair and weaken roots and ends. Try messier, looser hairstyles instead.

4. Take multivitamins. There are tons of supplements such as vitamin B and amino acids which are proven to elongate, strengthen and condition the hair follicle, all of which can accelerate the growing process up to three times. Ask your doctor to know which exact pills are more appropriate for you.

5. Limit hair washes. Not excessively, though. Washing your hair every single day will create more oil than necessary, making conditioning harder and less effective. The ideal period of time between washes is two or three days. And although this depends on your hair type and texture, producing more or less oil than hair really needs might affect how fast it grows.

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