How To Start A Fashion Blog

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how to start fashion blog

For this post, I wanted to share what I consider keys to becoming a blogger, all of this coming from my very limited experience on the subject. And not that I consider myself one, but at least I have spotted good-quality fashion blogs, and differentiated them from the rookies.

First, know that a fashion blog and a personal style blog are not the same, although commonly mistaken. As much as I love a style blogger who posts her/his daily outfits and amazing trends inspiration, their websites shouldn't be considered fashion blogs. The original fashion blog covers, besides occasional daily outfits, news and trends on every market (from haute couture to prêt-à-porter and street style), level and type of information regarding everything fashion from how-to's, runway and designers updates, and so on. Of course there are tons of style bloggers who incorporate their fashion savvy on their blogs, and vice versa, but more than often, this is not the case. 

Know the kind of content you're giving. There's a huge difference between writers who give opinion and writers who give information. Whatever you choose, inform yourself on the topic first. Let your readers know that you have some background resources and reliable content. And whether you choose to be strongly opinionated on the topic or to take a neutral perspective, try to stick to it for most of your posts. Changing sides from one post to another might confuse and discourage your recurrent followers.

Know your niche. As important as it is to have a personal style on how and what you blog about, knowing and narrowing your audience will increase the chances of success. Try to focus the information you give on a specific area of interest such as current trends, how-to's, affordable markets, etc. By doing this, you'll stabilize your audience platform, having loyal readers who will follow your blog religiously. 

Lastly, make it different. Write about things you love, but do it in a way no one else does. Have a personal mark, something that makes you stand out from the other zillion fashion bloggers out there. And whatever you choose to be original, keep it relatable for your audience.

Any other good tips on starting your own blog?

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