5 Ways To Eat Healthier

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Last week, I shared my 15-minute workout plan that's been a great help to kickstart a healthier lifestyle by taking small steps. Adding to that, today I thought of sharing 5 slight changes you could add to your eating habits that could make a huge difference, not only for losing or maintaining weight, but for the proper functioning of your body and good health. These tips are what work best for me:

- Eat small-to-medium-sized portions. Serve your meal on smaller plates so your brain can get used to smaller portions. And when you eat an entire (small) plate of food, you'll feel more satisfied than having half of a big one.

- Choose the healthy version. When having sugar cravings, opt for a lighter version. For example, when craving for ice cream, go for yogurt instead, or change your butter bread to multigrain bread. Making these slight changes in your diet reduces a great amount of calories, still making you feel as satiated.

- Avoid temptation. A good trick is having only your plate on the table, putting away serving bowls or leftovers, so you can avoid going in for a second helping. Also, try to cook individual portions and calculate exactly what you need to eat.

- Eat slowly. People who eat slower tend to gain less weight because the body takes times to send the feeling of being full to the brain. So, by eating slowly, you'll know when to stop eating.

- Keep record. Writing down what you ate during the day makes it easier for you to really pay attention at what you're eating more or less of. Apps like My Fitness Pal or Lose It! help you calculate the number of calories you take and need, making it easier to achieve your weight goal.

Hope these tricks help you into healthier eating habits. And if you have other useful tips, make sure to comment below!

Happy healthy eating!

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