Top 3 Smoothies for a Healthier Body

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Top 3 Smoothies for a Healthier Body

When it comes to healthy eating habits, I fail mostly during snack time. I can generally eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but after that, my unhealthiest cravings start to appear, which unfortunately become my biggest temptation. So, when I’m really committed to a healthy plan but still get those cravings, I choose a fruit smoothie as snack. Smoothies satisfy my sweet tooth and provide tons of benefits for the overall health. I’ve read and memorized tons of smoothie recipes for different things, so today I’m sharing my three favorites because of their flavor and effectiveness.

This recipe works best for weight control. Its ingredients are considerably low on calorie intake and great for accelerating metabolism. I recommend this smoothie first thing in the morning, half an hour before breakfast.

-       - 1 medium-sized banana
-       - 4 chunks of pineapple
-       - 4 strawberries (and/or any other berries)
-       - A tablespoon of chia seeds
-       - 1/4 cup of almond milk
Mix all the ingredients in the blender. Serve cold.

This smoothie is the perfect detox. Its ingredients carry tons of antioxidants, and vitamin A and C, which protect the immune system. This is a great choice as a morning snack.

-       - ½ cup of raspberries
-       - ½ cup of mango slices
-       - ½ cup of pineapple dices
-       - ¾ cup of fresh orange juice
Mix all the fruits in the blender, and add the orange juice to the mix. Serve cold.

This recipe is ideal for gaining energy due to its high source of vitamin B and C. It’s usually recommended after an exercise session to regain strength and energy, or early in the morning before taking breakfast.

- 3 tangerines
- 1 red grapefruit
- 1 cup of strawberries
Mix and blend the peeled tangerines and grapefruit together, then add the strawberries without blending. Serve cold.

These smoothies work very well and taste even better, which is why they're my healthiest choice when snacking. Hope you like them as well. Leave your comment below if there's another recipe you'd like to share :).

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