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Even though I'm constantly looking for new apps to update my phone, there are some of them that I've had for a while now, using them religiously for all aspects of my life, some of them are pure entertainment and others truly life-savers. The best part, they're all free on the Apple Store. So, without further ado, these are my go-to iPhone apps.

1. BLYNK STYLE. This app is kind of a fashion Tinder. You swipe right or left on outfits and street styles, and after some swipes, the app automatically recommends looks that match your likes, with the option to purchase the products. Honestly, I haven't bought anything from the app yet, it's more of a source of style inspiration for me.

2. 7M FITNESS. I'm not the most active athlete, not even close, but a few days a week I feel like doing a good workout session. 7M Fitness is the best app for this. It creates workout routines depending on what you want to work on, whether it's pure cardio, abs toning or stretching. (There's a male and female version.) And don't be fooled by the 7-minute length, you''ll burn as many calories as in a regular 30-minute session.

3. WHITAGRAM. This app has all of the editing tools together. You have the basic photo editing tools plus tons of filters and specific fixing like teeth whitening, blemish remover, color enhancing, and many more. I've deleted the rest of my photo editors since this one does everything I need.

4. 8TRACKS. This is my favorite music app on the phone and on web. Although I'm also a avid Spotify user, the thing I love more about 8tracks is the immense variety of genres, moods, and playlists it offers, more than any other app I've tried. And there's no need to follow specific people to listen to their playlists, but depending on what you choose to listen to it automatically recommends sets, which haven't let me down yet.

5. MYTAXI. MyTaxi is the cheaper version of Uber but equally effective, although it only works on most big cities. The taxi arrives instantly, and you can favorite specific drivers so they pick you up whenever you need. You can link up your account to your credit card, which is perfect when going out with zero cash, and the best part is that the prices are usually pretty good.

What other apps would you recommend?

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