4 Rules on Wearing Jewelry Properly

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4 Rules on Wearing Jewelry Properly

Accessorizing is the best part of getting dressed. It instantly transforms an entire outfit into something completely different, hopefully to the better. However, and to make sure accessories, specifically jewelry, are actually transforming positively how you look, there are certain rules to follow. Fashion should be fun and creative, but that doesn't mean that you're going to wear everything in your jewelry box at the same time. With that said, check out these useful rules on how to accessorize properly...

Rule #1. Consider age and face shape.
As it happens with clothes, there are pieces that would look beautiful and elegant on your mother, but maybe too matronly on you, and viceversa. As for your face shape, not all kinds of earrings fit well every face. For example, studs and short drop earrings flatter an oval or heart-shaped face, while pendants and hoops look better on square and round faces.  Know what to take into consideration when choosing your pieces.

Rule #2. Make a statement, but don't kill it.
Choosing one piece that steals the spotlight is all it takes to make a statement. When doing so, keep the rest of your pieces to a minimal. And always apply the 3-piece rule: Wear only 3 pieces at a time. Whether it's a necklace, studs and bracelet, or pendants, ring and watch, don't look overly accessorized by wearing too much jewelry. The key is creating a seamless look.

Rule #3. Don't be afraid to mix metals.
The traditional idea that gold and silver should never be worn together has become old-school. Rules were meant to be broken... in this case, at least. Nowadays, it's a great idea to mix metals, as long as it looks clean and polished. Just know that, with the right balance, you can look appropriately fashionable wearing both colors at the same time. 

Rule #4. Less is -always- more.
When choosing what pieces of jewelry to wear, keep in mind that they compliment the outfit, just that. Leave those dress-up playing days behind, and focus on what you want to draw attention to, leaving the rest simple and clean. And remember size does matter. Wearing earrings as big as the size of your face or golden chains that go beneath your waist might not be ideal.  The same happens with colors.

Learn how to balance size, layering, color and style when accessorizing with jewelry, but don't forget to have fun while doing so!

Happy accessorizing!

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