How To Hide The Hangover Look

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How To Hide The Hangover Look

No judgement here, but most of us have been there before, having way too many bubbly on a weekday and waking up to a terrible hangover. There's nothing worse than showing up at work with a raging headache and alcohol smell, but at least you can hide the "celebration gotten out of hands" look and feel more awake and fresh. That said, here are some foolproof tips for looking your very best even if you're feeling your very worst.

Before leaving home at night or when you get back home, place a glass of water and an aspirin next to your bed and set your alarm 2 hours earlier. Taking an aspirin some time before getting out of bed will help make the best out of your beauty sleep and make the process of getting ready a lot easier and less painful. Casper, a comfy mattress brand, also agrees with a few extra hours in bed being enough to curb some of that hangover feeling.

Before we get into makeup business, the one thing you need to do when getting up is hydrating your body with tons of water. Not only will you feel better and recover from alcohol dehydration, but your skin will instantly look less parched and pasty.

Drinking a lot of water will mend skin dehydration, but you'll still need an extra treatment before putting your makeup on. Especially if you didn't take your makeup off the night before, heavy moisturizing is key! *Bonus tip: rub an ice all over the eye area for 5 minutes to reduce redness and puffiness.*

There's no specifics here. Put on your makeup following your daily routine but making sure to include primer, a full-coverage concealer for under-eye area, and ideally a cc cream for extra moisture. Applying makeup as usual will help hide any clue of hangover and will bring life to your face.

Hair easily absorbs smells that linger throughout an entire day or more, which is why getting rid of those cigarette and alcohol odors might be ideal before heading the office. If you're short on time, grab a dry shampoo and spritz your roots for a cleaner and better-scented hairstyle.

You can also check out Casper's helpful list with other easy ways to get going and have somewhat of a productive day! Hope these tips come in handy on your next midweek partying, say on National Margarita Day coming soon? ;) 

Image from @graciebeets via instagram.

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