How To Dream The Right Way

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dream big

Comparison can be a real life-sucker. 

I know. I do it a lot. Is my job fancier? Are my clothes trendier? Is my hair shinier? Do people like me better? Wait, what I am doing? Ok. Here's the thing. I usually write about things I enjoy reading somewhere else. Fashion, beauty, fitness. And reading mainly on those topics makes me press the comparison button a lot harder. But that's not what I'm writing about here. Social media is filled with people, people you know or not, with impressive jobs, Instagram-worth trips, and an overall life that seems pretty perfect. What about me? Am I in the wrong business here?

Well, let me tell you something. I'm happy for my friends -my age, btw- with high positions on reputable companies, or with enough income to travel to a different destination every other week, and all of them who 'seem' to lead an enviable life. Ok, I might get a bit jealous when I follow their stories. But wanting their lives is a whole different thing, and you won't find me there anytime soon. It's no secret people only share what they want others to see. So if you're only sharing the amazing things in your life, wouldn't it seem perfect too? Based solely on your Instagram feed, who would think you're not successful?

But what does the term 'successful' really refer to? A 100K income per month? An impressive CV? Five properties around the world? Or -to address the current form of self-appreciation-, thousands of likes on an Instagram post? If that's what being successful really mean, I definitely wasn't invited to join in. But I'll say this. In my own space, with my own personal successes, I'm on the right track towards that goal. Ok, maybe I'll never become a popular entrepreneur. And that's ok. I don't need to and I don't want to. I don't dream of becoming the next president of my country, or winning an Oscar, or discovering the cure to a disease. They're not on my visual board because to be honest, I have other 'ordinary' dreams. And by ordinary I just mean off-stage. And I'm not saying I'm settling for low or taking the easy road here. I know what I want and I know what will make me happy and completely satisfied with my life.  However, I do work hard for what I want, and trust me, I want many things.

There wouldn't be enough room in the world if everyone had the same dream. So, think about what you really want in life. And it's fine if you just want what most people already have. Being a Noble prize winner isn't meant for everyone, anyways.

Dream big, in your own kind of big.

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