Why You Need To Know Your Skin Undertone

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Skin Undertones

I have always wondered why specific colors look great on some people and terrible on others. Even if they have a very similar skin tone, they might not wear a color the same. Undertone is the answer. Skin undertones can be different for everybody (regardless of actual skin tone), and knowing yours can make a huge difference on what you wear.

There are warm undertones that tend to look yellowish or greenish, and cool undertones that tend to appear bluish. Neutral undertones meet in the middle, but are not very common. When you discover your undertones, you can know which colors, in cosmetics and clothes, will look better and which will not. Wearing colors that match your undertones makes your skin look more radiant, your eyes brighter and your hair shinier. A plus everywhere! Here's how to find your skin's undertone:

Cool Undertones
Warm Undertones

- Stand in front of a mirror wearing nothing but white. Wearing white will make it easier to detect the undertones because of the contrast. If your face looks yellowish, your undertones are warmer, but if you look bluish, you have cooler undertones.

- Sit under natural light and look at the inside of your forearm. If the veins look green, you probably have warm undertones, but if they have blue or purple tones, you have cooler undertones. If you spot both colors, you might be neutral, which gives you more color options to wear.

- Whenever wearing light colors, do you look better on white or ivory? This is a simple way to know. You can ask around which color makes you stand out the most. If white is the best option, you are cooler, and if ivory looks better on you, you are definitely warmer.

- The easiest way to determine your undertones is jewelry. Try on a gold and a silver necklace. Which one makes you look more radiant? Golden jewelry goes better with warmer undertones, while silver accessories fit best cool undertones. 


- Cool undertones: silver, fuchsia, pink, violet, blue, turquoise and white. For the lips, choose a burgundy, mauve or tulip color and for the eyes, pick blues or lavenders.

- Warm undertones: yellow, red, orange, ivory, green and copper. For the lips choose apricot or red, and for the eyes choose plum or tangerine.

- Neutral undertones: this type can get away with nearly any color, but the ones that look the best for makeup are rose and pomegranate for lips, and grays or browns for the eyes.

Knowing your skin undertones and wearing colors accordingly can improve considerably the way you look. However, this does not mean that you can't break the rules every now and then and wear whatever color you're in the mood for. Just keep in mind that there are some hues and tones that will look best.

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