How I Face My (Fashion) Fears

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How I Face My (Fashion) Fears

Is there an item in your closet you've been dying to wear but still haven't waiting for the perfect occasion or the perfect combination? Is it really that what you're waiting for? Or are you just scared to leave your fashion comfort zone? That happens to me all the time. And if you're anything like me, this post will (hopefully) help you take a risk.

When I was first introduced to Dia&Co and their fashion challenge, I knew I had to share. Their Try-day Friday initiative involves wearing an outfit outside of our comfort zone every Friday to the office (or wherever you're headed to on Fridays). I always wear the same clothes in the same combinations. Boring. In my defense, I try to create different, bolder looks every now and then, but I end up toning them down and wearing the exact same outfit I wore last week. So, this is a great way to face my fashion fears. 

Why can't we just wear whatever we're in the mood for? Why are we so self-conscious and limit ourselves to what we think will be best seen by others? Why can't we just feel comfortable AND fashionable at the same time? I've purchased over $100 worth of clothes that I've literally never worn. The saddest part, I LOVE those pieces, but can't find the right combination I'll feel comfortable with. This shirt has been hung in my closet since I first got it, and have tried wearing it countless times, but the fact that I still haven't removed the tag speaks for itself. Same thing happened with this pair of espadrilles and this gorgeous dress

And because I know this happens to most of us, I thought it'd be a good idea if we all join the #trydayfriday challenge. Every Friday opt for a bolder look, flaunt those heels you've been dying to wear, remove the tag from that statement dress hung somewhere in your closet, or rock that fur vest or velvet blouse. And most importantly, don't look back! We look our best when we're true to ourselves and our style, not when we're just feeling safe.

Dia&Co promotes confidence through style. Its main goal is to make plus size women feel their very best in their most stylish selves. But because style knows no numbers, we all can rock our style regardless our size. Whether you're a 02 or a 16, it's time to set your style free and use those Pinterest looks as real-life inspiration.

So, are you joining the challenge?

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