My Breakout Treatment Timeline

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Breakout Treatment Timeline

Just like in any beauty regime, everyone (some more than others) has to deal with the unpredictable tortures related to skin. And I'm sure I can generalize saying no one likes waking up to a brand new obnoxious pimple on the face. Of course, there are plenty of ways to prevent those little monsters from appearing, but once they are in fact out there, treating them properly will make the fight a lot easier, and luckily prevent future ones. Today, I'm sharing a treatment timeline to know what to do in each stage. 

Stage One:

When you feel the pimple coming out, apply a gel that contains benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria and prevent the pimple from getting bigger. Treating the blemish at this stage can make the remaining process a lot easier.

Stage Two:

Once the blemish has officially appeared, apply a treatment containing salicylic acid, which will dry it out, and continue applying benzoyl peroxide to prevent bacteria.

Stage Three:

Now that the pimple is on its very peak, remember the #1 rule: don't pick! There is nothing worse during the process of fighting a pimple than popping it. The best option at this point is adding hydrocortisone 1% to the anti-blemish treatment. For a quick fix, try rubbing an ice directly to the pimple to help reduce inflammation. 

Stage Four:

Now that it's finally healing, moisturizing is key. While you still need to treat the area with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, moisturizing is also important to prevent skin irritation and help the mark leave faster. Apply it twice daily, in the morning and before bed, even after the pimple is completely gone.

So there you go. This treatment timeline should help you get through the annoying tortures of zits and blemishes. If you have other recommendation or remedies, leave them below :).

Thank you for reading!

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