Late 20s Skincare Routine

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Late 20s Skincare Routine

There's no such thing as a RIGHT skincare routine. We all have different skin types, react differently to active ingredients, and above all, are not the same age. Skincare will and should change over the years, since your skin changes with the years and it needs different products and treatments. 

So, after doing some exhaustive research and trying tons of different products from different brands, I've come up with a routine that's working wonders for my skin, and I thought of sharing it with those of you who haven't found the right routine to stick to. However, keep in mind I have combination skin (mostly oily with dry patches), am in my mid/late 20s, and don't usually apply a lot of makeup. I'm not saying this routine will work for all of you, but at least you can know the right order of application and the best active ingredients to look for in products. And, since this is late 20s routine, it's focused on anti-aging properties, (obviously).

Late 20s Skincare Routine

Bonus product: Rose Water - It's the BEST toner, primer, water mist, and makeup fix - 100% natural ingredients, and super affordable (fyi, you can make your own).


1. Cleanser: Toulon Aloe Vera Face Wash $12.99
2. Moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer $14.99
3. Eye Cream: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream $13.84
5. Sunscreen: Isdin UV Care SPF +50 $39.99

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