How To Organize your Closet by Color Coding

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How To Organize your Closet by Color Coding

There are so many different ways to organize and keep everything around you neat and clean. From your office desk to your bed table, organization is key to a clean and functional space. And obviously, your closet is no exception. Keeping your closet organized makes the getting dressed process a lot easier. 

You can organize your closet from old to new pieces, categories, occasions, and so on... but for me, what works best is color-coding. When organizing your clothes by color, you get a clearer idea of what you wear. Maybe you own too many blue tops? Only one black cardigan? By color-coding you get the entire picture of what you have and what you may need, so next time you go shopping you'll keep that in mind and pick clothes in different colors. Also, by organizing according to color, finding a piece will be much easier. Separate all of your clothes and organize them following this color wheel. Choose one color to start with, and follow the order. Pieces of the same color could also be organized from the lightest to the darkest shade. 
How To Organize your Closet by Color Coding
Color-coding is not limited to your clothes and shoes, however. It works wonders with nail polish, accessories, books, you name it. Plus, it adds great balance, a nice aesthetic, and it's pretty easy to keep things organized! 

PRO TIP: Colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel can be worn together for a harmonious and flattering look, while colors that are complete opposite to each other worn together create a great color-block, eye-catching look. 

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