The No.1 Contour Trick That Changed My Look

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Since it became a thing among beauty experts, I started to incorporate the contour/highlight step into my makeup routine, and have religiously sticked to it ever since. I love how contouring and highlighting gives the face a completely different and much better look. But, when applied wrong, it can look like dirt on the skin, or worse -been there, done that. I'm always careful not to overdo it since this step's main goal is to look as natural and undone as possible, but I'm no makeup expert myself, so what do I know? Well, after years (probably just months) of my face looking dirty and oddly framed, I found the No.1 contour trick that changed my entire look, in a great way.

Obviously having the right brush is a must (I use this sculpting brush), but to get that undone look, just pinch the brush to make it thinner. Suck in your cheeks, apply the product in the hollows below your cheekbones and blend well. It seems like nothing, but pinching the brush is a real game changer for a more precise definition. I honestly notice a great difference in photos when I use this trick: my face looks a lot more defined and thinner. 

Since this trick is free and super easy, you really have nothing to lose trying it, so let me know if you do or share any other tips that work for you!

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