4 Things About Working From Home That No One Tells You

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Hot to be productive when working from home

I've loved working from home ever since I first started. I get to REALLY sleep, I can eat fresh-cooked meals, I don't waste time primping and getting ready, I don't worry about traffic, and the lists goes on... I wouldn't change that flexibility and comfort for anything. However, it's no so picture perfect every time. Like working full time in an office space, it has it goods and bads, and although the negative side doesn't affect me as much, there are a few things that make me want my own office space outside the house every once in a while (just 3, the last one makes it all worth it!).

1. Household chores are your responsibility. The fact that I work at home shouldn't necessarily mean I'm in charge of everything home-related. Unfortunately, it happens. Considering my husband leaves for work at 7 in the morning and gets home at 6 in the afternoon, I do have "more" time to make the bed, do laundry, wash dishes, cook, sweep, etc. It wouldn't seem fair making my husband do all those things when he gets home, specially if I've been home all day. But fair or not, that's they way it is, and I don't expect it to change anytime soon.

2. No one believes you're really working. This shouldn't affect you directly, but it does. When people hear you work from home, they immediately assume you're binge watching Netflix and doing nothing productive. And because they don't think you could actually be busy, they don't mind interrupting at all times. I have a couple of friends that call because they 'just want to talk' in the middle of the day. Guess what? People who work from home, actually work.

3. It can get lonely. Sometimes I just go to market to 'buy something' when all I really want is to see people and have some eye contact. Don't get me wrong, I talk to A LOT of people via emails, Skype, chat. But not having someone to physically talk to, besides my husband, can get lonely. On one hand, it's good to have no distractions (I get easily distracted when I have people around me), but on the other hand, the walls in my house don't really care what I have to say.

4. You get healthier. When I worked in an office, I either microwaved my homemade lunch or spent a lot of money eating out (usually at fast food places). I didn't like either. Working from home allows you to cook your meals at the moment, not having to reheat anything, and making sure you're eating what your diet needs. I'm eating a lot healthier now and I even get some 20-minute breaks for a quick HIIT workout.

With its ups and downs, working from home is not for everyone. But if you don't mind the occasional "isolation" and doing the extra household work, it can be as productive, and even fun! If you have some working from home tips, share them below!

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