How To Wear The Slip Dress Trend During Winter

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2019 fashion trend

Slip dresses are my closet's most valued pieces. I love their easy silhouette and how feminine they make me look without having to sacrifice one bit of comfort. But most importantly, their versatility is what has them on top of my list. They can be worn with literally anything, from combat boots to sneakers to sandals, with under or over layers, for day or night, you name it. And since winter days are not gone yet, I thought of sharing my all-time favorite combination: a slip dress and a sweater. For me, it doesn't get any better.

2019 Fashion Trend
From left to right: mind body swag, harper & harley, carrie bradshaw lied.
When choosing a sweater, the chunkier the better in order to create a more balanced look with the silky, delicate fabric of the dress. When it comes to color combinations, I personally love the monochromatic take, but opting for an opposite color can look as stylish. Finally, be careful when accessorizing. Like these top bloggers shown, keep accessories to a minimal -this dress + sweater match gets all the attention it needs on its own.

slip dress winter
From left to right: lisa olsson, lauren conrad, unknown.
This look can be easily transitioned to spring (or, if you, like me, live in a permanently-cold weather, keep it close all year). Either way, it's the perfect trend to incorporate right now.

Cover photo from lauren conrad.

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