4 Fun Ways to Style a Silk Scarf

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4 Fun Ways to Style a Silk Scarf

You don’t need to spend money on a new outfit every time you feel a little bored with your wardrobe. Adding the right small garments or accessories can make an old outfit feel as fresh as the day you first wore it. Maybe you received a silk scarf in a summer subscription box and aren’t sure it’s bold enough to incorporate into your wardrobe. But, even something as basic as this accessory has the power to transform an outfit dramatically.

Of course, you’ll get the best results if you know the best way to wear and use it. If you want to add a little personality to your wardrobe with a silk scarf, keep the following ideas in mind.

Classic Style

Wrapping a scarf around your neck twice, tying it in a basic knot, and tucking the ends into your top is a one of the most common ways to wear this type of garment. That’s because it’s one of the most effective. With this trick, you could wear the scarf one week, ditch it the next week, and convince people you’re wearing a completely different outfit.

Adding Color to a Bag

Don’t limit yourself by assuming you have to wear a scarf around your neck. You can also use it to add color to your favorite accessories. For instance, you might fold a colorful silk scarf into a thinner strip to wrap around the handle of your purse or bag to give it a fresh new look.

Keeping Your Hair Back

When humidity strikes, bad hair days are a lot more common. You may choose to avoid them by keeping your hair pulled back. Instead of using a traditional headband to do so, wrap your favorite silk scarf into a smaller strip around your hair. Depending on your preference, you can tie the back in a bow and let the ends hang freely, or tuck them in.

Get Creative

Sometimes the best way to use a scarf is to grab another seemingly unrelated garment or accessory and try to come up with a way to use them together. This is also something you might do if you have a few old scarfs you don’t mind experimenting with. For example, you could turn a clutch into a typical shoulder bag by folding the scarf into the thin band beneath the closure flap. Pull it through, and tie a firm knot at the top. Your clutch just became a unique, colorful bag.

Most importantly, have fun. A silk scarf can be your best friend if you’re looking for an affordable way to freshen up your wardrobe. Although these ideas will help, you should also let your creativity run free.

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