How To Define Your Personal Style + Quiz

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Now that you know what flatters your body shape and which key pieces will help you create countless looks, it’s time to define your own personal style. There are specific styles you can identify with, but it’s also ok if you don’t fit into one category. These following tips will help you get a better sense of your own style.

1. Find your style doppelgänger. All of us have one or two fashion influencers we look up to. Whether she’s a classic icon like Grace Kelly or Jackie O., an on-trend celebrity like Olivia Palermo or Rihanna, or a fashion influencer like Sara Donaldson or Alexa Chung, we look up to a specific someone’s style for inspiration because we relate to how they dress. Once we know who our style menagerie is, it’s a lot easier to define our look.

2. Look out for repeat offenders. As varied as our closet may be, there’s always one piece that’s always repeating itself. A striped shirt? A fur coat? Whatever it is, we repeat it because it makes us feel comfortable and true to ourselves. Take note of those repeat offenders and see how they go with your style menagerie’s style.

3. Keep it natural. I’ve purchased tons of pieces just because they’re a strong trend at the moment, just to keep them hung unworn. Truth is, I always go back to my favorite pieces because that’s what looks natural on me. Don’t make yourself wear something that doesn’t look like you just to follow a specific trend or to copy someone else’s style.

It’s called personal style for a reason. Wear what you like and how you like, and those easy looks you feel more comfortable with will translate into your style. If you’re still doubtful on what you style is, take this next quiz that’ll help you get a better idea.

Your biggest style icon is…
A) Olivia Palermo
B) Nicole Richie
C) Victoria Beckham
D) Alexa Chung
E) Rihanna

Your beauty routine involves…
A) Blush and lipgloss
B) Winged eyeliner and a bright red lip
C) Natural foundation and one layer of mascara
D) Contouring and highlighting!
E) Au naturel

Your summer staple piece is…
A) A floral dress
B) Big, bold sunglasses
C) A slip-on dress
D) Denim shorts
E) A knitted crop top

Your shoe collection is mostly
made of…
A) Classic ballet flats
B) Sneakers
C) Ankle strap heels
D) Oxfords
E) Ankle boots

Your favorite bag is…
A) A pink clutch
B) A bucket bag with lots of space
C) Your favorite designer handbag
D) A classic tote bag
E) A light cross-body bag

Your favorite nail color is…
A) Pastels
B) Red
C) White or blush pink
D) Darker colors like gray or navy
E) Any shade with glitter

Your ideal date consists of…
A) Dinner and a movie
B) A picnic somewhere outdoors
C) An afternoon at an art museum
D) Walking by the beach
E) Skydiving or anything adventurous

Your favorite lip color is…
A) Soft pink
B) Red
C) Nude
D) Glossy pink
E) Bright pink or plum

Your favorite weekend plans include…
A) A date night with your bf
B) Going to the bowling alley with friends
C) Watching Netflix with a glass of wine
D) Going to a trendy bar with a group of friends
E) Going hiking or surfing

If you got...

Mostly A's. CLASSY AND FEMININE. Your style is soft and girly, and you love anything with lace and pastels hues in it.

Personal Style Quiz

Mostly B's. BOLD AND ECLECTIC. Your style is bold and colorful. You aren't afraid to mix prints and fun accents.

Personal Style Quiz

Mostly C's. ELEGANT AND MINIMALISTIC. Your style represents a clean silhouette and a minimalistic aesthetic. A monochromatic look is your thing.

Personal Style Quiz

Mostly D's. CLASSIC AND PREPPY. Your style is classic and polished. Timeless pieces like a striped shirt or a fitted blazer are your go-tos.

Personal Style Quiz

Mostly E's. EDGY AND AVANT-GARDE. Your style is definitely offbeat. You're always on the hunt for unique pieces, and leather is a must-have fabric on your closet.

Personal Style Quiz

Were your results accurate? Let me know in the comments below!

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